Puppies Born On
October 23rd, 2006
Layla Von Boeselager
Puck Vom Grafental

SV DNA PROFILE #2006001468
S3 211510
DOB 08/01/2002

SCH1  89-90-92
SCH2  94-91-96
SCH3  100-90-94
Layla is a medium size black
sable girl. She has extreme drive
in protection and has a very
powerful bark. Her tracking is
impeccable. She is a very
serious dog. This is a dog you
can take for a walk at night and
know you are safe. She has been
tested with the hidden sleeve and
has no problem. Her pedigree
say's it all. Her father is the well
known Falk Vom Der
Kesselshainer Flur, as well as
Rex Vom Haus Iris, Don Vom
Rolandsteich, Lord Vom
Gleisdreieck, Golf Vom Ritterberg.
Her pedigree is full of famous
well know DDR lines.

These puppies are going to be
exceptional. They will have the
drive for the work as well as a
clear mind. They will be big
boned with broad heads. The
colors were expecting are black
sable with deep pigmentation,
or solid black.







Puck is owned by Spartanville.

Puck himself has solid nerve,
sound temperament, exceptional
working abilities and exudes self
confidence. He is medium build
with an imposing head, a short
wide muzzle and beautiful deep
set eyes. He is correct in
structure with strong bones, a
well developed & defined chest,
deep in rich pigmentation and
coat, all of which are consistant
with his ancestry and all of which
are vintage DDR heritage.

We expect that he will replicate
himself and his great ancesters
in all areas with progeny
consistant with the DDR

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