Kelly you are right!!! Ami was born in March of 2006 and he is everything you said he would be. He is easy to train, social and at the same time a great watch dog and very affectionate. While walking him through town people always compliment how beautiful he is (and I have to agree). I feel safe at home and his bark alone is intimidating. He loves to swim and he is getting pretty good at Frisbee. I feel very fortunate that he is a part of my life.

Thanks for you honesty. You are always there if I have a question and you return calls promptly which means a lot!!!

Boeselager Kennels don't just breed puppies, they love their puppies and all their dogs are well taken care of… we know because before we purchased our puppy, my daughter and I visited the kennel and were introduced to Ami's parents.

By the way, I saw the pictures of your puppies and they are so cute…it makes me want another one!! What great dogs!!!!

Thanks again,
Lisa, Steph and Michael

Dear Kelly,

Hi, things are going well with "Rex". He now weighs 72.5 lbs. He is a big dog.

We are currently attending puppy obedience in which Rex is the largest puppy @ 6 months. He loves to play and chase the other puppies.

At home, he loves to chew on EVERYTHING! Hopefully he will out grow this stage. He has full run of our yard and is very good at staying home. We have a pond and our younger son has taught him how to swim over the summer and Rex loves the water! It's really cute to watch him. He makes us laugh.

We are truly enjoying his company. Since our 1st German Shepherd"George" passed away just 2 weeks after getting Rex.

Sorry the picture isn't better. He doesn't like to stand still for pictures.

Terry, Kristi & Family

Hi Kelly,

I wanted to give you an up date on Vader. At almost 5 months old he is
60 lbs and growing. We finished up basic puppy training. He did very well. In September we are going to start advance obedience training. He is quick at learning. He can sit & stay for over 2 minutes. He can rollover and catch food in mid air. He walks on a leash very good. Eventually I would like to train him to track after the advance obedience.

We went on vacation last week and I snapped this picture by the lake. He loves to dig holes in the sand and hang out on the beach. Swimming, we are working on that. He had an incident when he ran right off the dock and sank. Luckily my son was there to grab him out of the water. He doesn't like to go in the deep water. He wades in the shallow.

I just want to thank you again for such an awesome dog. He has been so much fun to work with. Everybody that comes in contact with him is so surprised of his calm temperament. My sister wants to steal him from me. She would like to get another Shepherd too. She is not quite ready. Even though Vader needs someone his size to play with. I hope you enjoy the picture and I will talk to you again soon.

Thank you,
Eric & Family

This is a picture of our son with Kafka. We would be lost with out her!
Kafka is the sweetest, most even tempered dog. We have had so many compliments from friends, obedience trainers and breeders saying just that. She has been exceptionally healthy and incredibly smart. We adored her so much we went back to Kelly to get one of Kafka's litter mates, Malachi. Malachi is the most loving dog I have ever known! The thing she loves most is hugs! We have 3 children and a neighborhood full of children and our dogs are a favorite of all the kids. We have brought our dogs to our boy's elementary school and they have sat quietly and calmly while 25 2nd graders pet them and they were under a year old! Kafka and Malachi also love camping.

We considered many breeders before choosing Kelly Shaw……Kelly was the most knowledgeable about her breeding line and her dogs are family to her. We found that many other breeders didn't have the same passion for their dogs as Kelly and were much more concerned about their pocket books. We could not be happier with our dogs than what we are.

Thank- you Kelly!

Renee & Family


I purchased two shepherds from Boeselager Kennels. Kelly Shaw was very professional and knowledgeable on the DDR lines of her dogs. I am very pleased with Kaizer & Max. They were easy to train and very intelligent. They have to have their hugs every morning.

I am a retiree so I bought them for companionship and protection. Max and Kaizer are very good with my grand children. Talking with Kelly, she has a very big heart for her dogs. She has a knack to place the dog with the person they fit best with. I can take my boys anywhere and people always tell me what beautiful shepherds they are. I am very happy.

Kelly will help you, as s
he has with me, on any questions that you need answered. She is very knowledgeable and caring. I would recommend Kelly's shepherds to anyone that wants a beautiful, smart, and excellent temperament in a dog.

Darlene from Michigan




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