Arro Vom Boeselager
More information to come soon on Arro.

Zavien Vom Kraftwerk

Zavien is an all black medium / large male.
He has an awesome broad head and big
boned, similar to the DDR look. He is high
in drive for the Schutzhund work and is an extreme tracker. He is very easy to train.
He is a natural. When you throw a ball, he
won't come back until he finds it. You don't
find a lot of dogs like him. He is very well
rounded with a clear head. His nerves are
solid, nothing bothers him. A very solid and
confident dog. He knows how to turn on and
off when needed. His temperment is impeccable. I couldn't ask for a better dog
than him. His pedigree consists of his father,
Cliff Vom Osterburgeck, lines to Cayo Vom
Elfenschloss, Troll Von Der Bosen Nachbarschaft, Brando Von Der Marderklause,
and Held Vom Ritterburg.

His pedigree is full of famous well
known DDR lines to get more information
Click Here.

Go to our Gallery to see his progeny.


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